Wish List: Birthday

21st Birthday Wish List

21st birthday wish list //

In a few months I will be turning one and seeing as everyone in my family has been asking me for some ideas for birthday gifts I thought why not make a wish list? I am a control freak, I admit it. I have made a list which is linked to the items and I also included discount codes...don't get me wrong I do not expect any of these items and if I received just one of them I would be so grateful! 

I have always been one to spend money on primark bags which, let's face is, usually break within a few weeks. As I am now a (nearly) graduated woman I though asking for s bag which is more expensive but will last me a long time is a good move, and of course they are also so beautiful! I couldn't just choose one bag so I gave a choice of three, I love the shape and style of the Kurt Geiger London Tote and on the other hand I love the classic look of the Karl Lagerfeld. 

Taking it onto beauty I love Clinique skin care at the moment and have my eye on the face brush to go with my cleansing set. Can we also take a moment to appreciate how amazing these zoeva face brushes look?!

Anyway, enough rambling these are a few things I have had my eye on...what have you been lusting after? 

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