A Three Step Review

Some people are blessed with perfect skin, but sadly, I am not. I'm not saying my skin is the worst in the world, but it is far from perfect. Spots are the bane of my life. There is nothing like waking up to a small mountain on your face, bliss. (I am being sarcastic of course)

Seeing as I am 20 years old I thought I would have perfect, clear and smooth skin by now, but apparently it doesn't work like that. After reading lots of reviews on different skin care to get rid of blemishes I decided to try the Clinique 3 step 'Anti Blemish' System.

After nipping to my nearest Clinique counter the lovely lady assured me this system would work the best on my skin. I paid £25 for 3 products which would last 4 weeks. A little pricey but something I was willing to pay to try and get some results. The products looked easy enough to use, cleanse, tone and moisturise.

My first impressions were good. The cleanser left my skin feeling fresh and clean, the toner made me feel like my pores were tighter and the moisturiser seemed to, well moisturise. The only negative at this point is that the products do smell of alcohol slightly, which may lead to you think they're being too harsh on the skin, but overall they did not make my skin any dryer than it originally was.

I used the 3 step system day and night for 4 weeks, until my products ran out. I think it did improve my skin, but it didn't work any miracles. I feel as though even though I still got some spots, they went down quicker and were less red and angry on my face. I think using this product for a longer period of time may have a more drastic effect on the skin. What I should say is within the first week of using it, I broke out, lots. I did expect this though as the products dig deep into your skin and draw out any impurities underneath.

Although I feel like the system helped with my skin, I have now moved on to La Roche Posay 3 step system which is supposed to be much kinder on your skin. Stay tuned for a review on this in upcoming weeks!

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