Little bit of shine

The sun is out which means me prancing around my back garden thinking i'm a Vogue model shooting the next cover- nearly there right?

I feel very vintage in todays outfit and thought I'd share it with my lovely bloggers.

Top: The top I am wearing is from Topshop ages ago, I love the cute little collar on it.
Skirt: The skirt is made by myself, it was so easy to make and the first skirt I have ever attempted, I am quite happy with myself.
Shoes: The shoes are Primark's finest, cut out black chunky sandals which I am obsessed with wearing at the moment.
Sunglasses: Not gonna lie, Pretty sure I got these bad boys free out of a magazine some time ago, I know pretty cool.
Belt: Also from Primark, love a bargain.

What is everyone else doing on this beautifully sunny day?



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