returned & a wish list

So after a long time of not posting new blog posts, I am back with a new name, fresh image and ready to get my blog on. 

The main reason for stopping blogging last time is the thing is with me, I have to concentrate on my university work if I want to do well and it kinda took over my life for a while but as hand in day has been and gone I am back, and i'm staying.
Why the name change? The reason for the name change of my blog is that I was never entirely happy with my previous name 'Emma Louise Fashion' it felt, well... boring. Written with style is more my kind of thing, It gives a hint of what I like to do, style.

To hit off the new blog post I thought I would do a new wish list.

1. Floral print trousers from Missguided- How cute are these? Perfect for the spring/summer and a complete statement piece (may have already ordered these, oops)
2. Daisy organza tee from Topshop- there is just something about this top that I really like and feel like I NEED it to kick off my summer wardrobe, it would go with so many things.
3. Spaghetti strap top from Missguided- I have a real obsession with spaghetti straps at the minute and i'm not sure why, this colour is so lovely and since I am on a ban from buying black and grey coloured clothes this would be perfect.
4.Cat print pi's from Topshop- I'm not even a cat lady but I really love this set I think it looks so comfy and how can you say no to an outfit full of cats?
5. Underwear set from Traingl- I am a sucker for a good set of lingerie and the triangl sets are just up my street, pretty pricey but so minimalistic I love them.
That is my mini wish list ( I could of made a huge one but would of been here all day) I want to revamp my dull wardrobe and actually inject some colour in there, you heard me right, I said colour.

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