Wish List: H&M Homeware

Ever since myself and Kyle have been planning to get our own house in 2016 I have been interior obsessed. Pinterest, tumblr, you name it, i've been on it looking for inspiration on my new home (which I cannot even afford yet). It's safe to say I have become a teeny tiny bit obsessed with looking at it.

H&M are amazing at clothing basics, but who knew they would be amazing at home decor too? This wish list is just few of many things I would pick up in a  heart beat if I had anywhere to put them, and the even better point, they're not too expensive! The whole design and feel of their collections are lovely and I can't wait to get my hands on some. I am loving the grey feel at the minute, but I also like sneaking a little bit of copper in there, nothing wrong with mixing it up a little.

What is your home must have? Leave me recommendations on where you love home decor too!


  1. Me and my boyfriend are aiming to save enough to get a house sometime in 2016, hopefully it'll happen! I love your picks, H&M is amazing for homeware x

    1. Ahh good luck, I hope everything goes well! Thank you x

  2. H&M home is my favourite homeware shop, they have so many amazing pieces for so many amazing prices!


  3. I don't even have my own home and I'm Pinterest-obsessed. I can't even imagine how I'll be when I'm actually about to furnish a place. I love these picks!!

    Something About That

  4. H&M does such nice stuff, and what's better is their prices.
    Send me your Pinterest link! That's where my home decor obsession goes. xx


  5. I love going homeware shopping! I'm always buying bits for the flat! I'm completely obsessed!



  6. I love homeware shopping more than clothes shopping these days!! i can't get enough of ikea tho!

    Aine Oh

  7. These are such great pieces from H&M! Currently going through the same thing with my boyfriend, and I can't get enough of affordable decor!



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